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GKB Eco-dresser

ED200 (3)

  • Grass coverage dressing without supply dressing soil
  • Store dressing soil for transport
  • Good re-seeding circumstances
  • Improves water evacuation
  • Dressing and aerating in one work run
  • Stonescreen with parallel folding system (power-arm)
  • Heavy Duty frame
  • Spring coulter, height adjustable
  • Pre-cut and pressure roller

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ED130 (1)ED130 (4)ED200 (1)ED200 (2)ED200 (5)ED130 (5)ED200 (6)ED200IMG_6295

This machine was developed to dress and aerate your field both economically and environmentally friendly during the annual maintenance. Buying and spreading of dress ground is not necessary anymore because the ECO-DRESSER takes dress ground direct from the very own top layer. The ECO-DRESSER can also be used to gather and transport dress ground within the field area.

This machine has been designed to save costs and improve the quality of sport field maintenance. It also solves environmental and cultivation problems. The combination of cost saving, quality improvement and simplification of maintenance work is an incentive for optimizing the quality of your sport fields.

The purpose of annual maintenance is repairing playing damage and aerating the top layer. For these activities it is often useful to apply dressing soil to make the field properly level and playable again. Supplying and spreading dressing soil is no longer necessary because it recycles soil by moving it from within the top layer of the field on the field. Pits can also be filled, as the machine can collect and transport soil.

This recycling process also creates the ideal field conditions for sowing and re-seeding, while ensuring very intense aeration. In addition, compacted soil is broken up and cultivated, aiding water draining and grass root development.