GKB Combinator

Fraze MowingGKB Combinator fraze mowing

The GKB Combinator is the ultimate tool for removal of unwanted turf. This machine has the capability to remove up to 2″ of unwanted material in a single pass. This allows you to run a clean and efficient operation, totally removing the material and leaving a clean and level surface. This is the only step needed before re-seeding or laying sod. Ko

The solids steel rotor is driven by a high speed belt system and the working depth can easily be adjusted without tools. The rollers are connected to a pendle system that allows you to adjust the front and rear rollers simultaneously.  And the elevator belt folds flat for transportation! Koro “Field Top Maker” Redexim Turf Stripper Fraze Mowing Sprig Digging Universal Rotor Fraise Mowing Campey Imants Koroing






With its optional verticutting blades, you can aggressively remove thatch and organic buildup with ease.

 Fraise Mowing

Fraze Mowing




The Combinator can also just remove grass cover using a specially designed rotor shaft with cutting blade.

Infill Removal

Sprig Digging




This machine can also be used for the removal of infill from artificial turf by equipping it with a special brush.

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