Drain Master

drain masterDrain Master

The Drain Master has been developed to improve and accelerate surface water evacuation. Because of this, stability and the quality of the turf will increase significantly. The machine digs three trenches at right angles on the already existing main drainage and force fills them with drainage sand. Koro “Field Top Maker” Redexim “Turf Stripper” Fraise Mowing Fraze Mowing Verticutting Sprig Digging

Quicker Drainage

drain masterThe network that this machine creates ensures faster evacuation of water with a higher play capacity as a result.

Improved Fields

Drain MasterWith less playing damage on already treated fields, the Drainmaster is an optimal machine for improving the turf quality.

Cost Effective

Drain MasterThere is no need for complete renovation. Just fraise mow and level in the off season to keep the drainage slit system working perfectly.

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