Ground Quake

Ground Quake Sand Injector

Ground Quake Sand Injector

The Ground Quake Sand Injector is capable of both decompaction and sand slitting in a single pass. The rear roller system that evenly distributes the machine’s weight across the ground, eliminating any heave. It connects to any tractor, with hydrostatic or creep speed, by the drawbar. The Ground Quake also has a centralized greasing system and self lubricating chain for low cost, easy maintenance. Koro “Top Field Maker” Redexim “Turf Stripper” Fraise Mowing Fraze Mowing Verticutting Sprig Digging


Ground Quake Sand Injector         With three 10″ long blades per flange, working on 10″ centers, this machine quakes the ground from side to side as the blades rotate, resulting in optimal decompaction.


Ground Quake Sand Injector         With vibration in both the chutes and hopper, as well as the triple agitator system inside the hopper, the Ground Quake is able to use a variety of soil amendments.

Cost Saving

Ground Quake Sand Injector         The Ground Quake is unrivaled in quality, reengineering, and output. With one person, one tractor, and this machine, you can quickly and easily decompact and sandslit in one pass.

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