MultiGroomer Pony

multigroomer ponyMultiGroomer Pony

The MultiGroomer Pony efficiently grooms your arena footing using three different tools in a single time-saving pass. It renovates and conditions conventional footings by scarifying the compacted surface, while eliminating high spots and filling in the low points. Finally, it compacts the surface to the desired density, leaving an attractive pattern finish as the end result. Accomplishing more in one pass not only means the conditioning is done faster, it means the operator has more time to ensure the job is done right.

Solid Frame

multigroomer pony
With a rugged design, the MultiGroomer Pony is built with a solid perimeter frame with heavy duty sub rails.

Easy Decompaction

multigroomer pony
The double row of rigid, wear resistant ripper teeth spaced 4″ apart effortlessly loosen compacted footings.

Professional Finish

multigroomer pony
Spring tines mix and evenly distribute the loosened footing and the rear roller bar leaves an attractive finished look.

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