RGD 140

RGD 140 OverseederRGD 140 Overseeder

The new RGD 140 Overseeder is a precision engineered machine for use with a compact tractor. Using an adjustable height disc, it cuts a slit which is opened with a following coulter. The seed is accurately measured and sown directly into the groove which its then pressed closed using the flexible rear roller.

High Precision

RGD 140 OverseederSeed is accurately measured and the soft inner cup guarantees no damage to the seeds shape or size.

New Technology

RGD 140 OverseederThe new peg-wheels seeding technology design allows seeding of all types of seeds.

Compact Size

RGD 140 OverseederIt is ideal for confined areas such as golf greens and tees, but is still wide enough for larger areas.

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