S3 Vacuum Sweeper

S3 Vacuum SweeperS3 Vacuum Sweeper

The Trilo S3 Vacuum Sweeper is a compact and economical vacuum sweeper with a loading capacity of over 100 cubic feet and large, air filled tires for low soil pressure. The S3 is standard equipped with a brush hood, which brushes the mowed grass or leaves together for more efficient vacuuming. Optionally you can also equip the sweeper with a mowing axle, verticutting axle or a combined axle for simultaneously mowing and verticutting.

Compact Size

S3 Vacuum Sweeper
The S3 is suitable for tractors from 28 HP and driven by a wide angle PTO shaft with an overrun clutch.

Wander Hose

S3 Vacuum Sweeper
The optional wander hose has a reach of nearly 20 feet and is equipped with a sturdy end pipe with handgrip.

Low Ground Pressure

S3 Vacuum Sweeper
Its gauge wheels are mounted in the heart of the axle, ensuring that the sweeper follows soil contours perfectly.

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