Specialized Turf Equipment



Keeping your sports turf or golf course in prime condition is a tough challenge throughout the entire year. There are multiple reasons for sand filling, during both construction and maintenance. In either case, you want to be able to accurately apply the sand and in varying quantities, depending on the operation.


CombinatorT4The Combinator is a dual purpose golf course and sports field machine designed for [ fraise ] mowing or verticutting with the capability of removing unwanted grasses or thatch into a trailer/dump truck. Fraise Fraze


SandfillerT4The Sandfiller has been developed for simultaneous verticutting and sandfilling, in one pass. This greatly improves surface drainage and allows up to 15% surface impact.Verticutting Redexim

Drain Master

DrainmasterT4The Drain Master has been developed to improve and accelerate surface water evacuation. Because of this, stability and the quality of the turf will increase significantly.“Turf Stripper” Sprig Digging


EcoDresserT4Buying and spreading of dress ground is not necessary anymore because the EcoDresser takes dress ground direct from the very own top layer. It creates the ideal field conditions for sowing and re-seeding, while ensuring very intense aeration.



The basis of the V-Strong is the GKB Combinator, which can verticut and discharge the material away in one pass. The V-strong uses an adjustable hydraulic tailgate to guide the output of the dispatched material, or it can be collected for removal.



The Stoneburier is a premium rotary tiller, in which the strainer behind the rotary tiller ensures that the stones get separated from the finely crumbled ground. It is possible to equip the rotary tiller with two different types of tilling blades. As a result of this operation the stones will be put under the layer of fine, vital soil. 


As a field manager, your daily activities are focused on maintaining the sports pitch in excellent condition. Since natural grass is not capable to grow without oxygen, the aeration of the upper layer is a necessity.