TCT Fairway Trencher

TCT Fairway TrencherTCT Fairway Trencher

The TCT Fairway Trencher is designed to be the ultimate in strength and versatility. With several chain options available, including soil blades, terminator teeth, 50/50 chain or carbide bullets, there is a tooth setup for almost any condition. Most wear parts, such as bearing and chain components, are made in the USA and readily available to keep you working without interruption.

The TCT is designed with a heavy duty gear box that is rated up to 80HP and can withstand the toughest of conditions. An innovative feature unique to the TCT is a set of three weight distribution rollers for minimal ground impact. This allows you to neatly trench on even the finest of turfgrasses with minimal disruption.

Heavy Duty

TCT Fairway Trencher
The TCT gear box is rated up to 80 HP and can withstand the toughest of conditions.

Clean Trench

TCT Fairway Trencher
Neat and clean trench thanks to the crumber bar and a 2-piece conveyor system.

Minimal Impact

TCT Fairway Trencher
Unique set of rollers allow for even weight distribution and minimal ground impact.

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