TWT 400/550

TWT400TWT Wheel Trenchers (400/550)

The Trench-It wheel trenchers (TWT) are powerful heavy duty trenchers used mainly in sports turf drainage and irrigation projects. The fast and efficient digging wheel, capable of being fitted with carbide tungsten teeth, will easy and effectively dig a clean trench while removing the spoils onto a conveyor leaving no clean up necessary. TWT Wheel Trenchers

With working widths from 2” up to 5”, down to 22”, and quality trenching parts made in the USA, the TWT wheel trenchers are the ultimate machine on the jobsite. Both have a conveyor system allowing spoils to be elevated into an alongside trailer, but the TWT 550 has a unique DOUBLE conveyor system. Combined with the ability to be laser controlled, it makes the 550 the ultimate sports turf drainage machine.

Slip Clutch

twt2All Trench-It machines are fitted with a slip clutch to protect both the machine and tractor from shock loading.

Conveyor System

twt1By removing the spoils onto a conveyor, it means that no clean up will be necessary.

More Efficient

twt3 Have the ability to cut a narrower cleaner trench faster and more efficiently than using a conventional chain trencher.

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