airter® a Revolution in Professional Turf Care

The airter® light 14160 is a professional pneumatic lawn aerator that loosens the turf root zone to a depth of more than 8 inches and supplies it with fresh oxygen. This is done with adjustable compressed air and 14 specially developed compressed air injection lances with triple nozzles that efficiently  push up air into the ground. Thanks to novokraft‘s new airsoftroll® roller technology, we guarantee the lowest possible ground pressure and sustainable aerating of the root zone with oxygen. Unique and unrivaled!

airter® the only unrivaled specialist for the professional maintenance of all hybrid turf systems

At the moment, airter® is the only machine that can demonstrably loosen the various hardened hybrid turf systems. In all hybrid turf systems, the root zone cannot be optimally and properly ventilated using conventional mechanical loosening methods (e.g. deep loosening with full chisels). These processes inevitably lead to vertical compaction of the turf-carrying layer over time.

Novokraft has developed the airter® to solve this problem and to professionally loosen the root zone. Airter® prevents the formation of putrefactive gases that are toxic to turf roots. Practical tests on new hybrid turf fields have shown that after the loosening by the airter®, players subsequently felt the pitches to be much softer. Likewise, the whole bioactivity in the soil is massively improved by the homogeneous pneumatic loosening mode. Thus, the airter® is also ideal or the reliable maintenance of water permeability.

High-pressure air injection in series

airter® loosens the turf layer homogeneously and comprehensively to a depth up to 8 inches using compressed air. The 14 injection lances are each preceded by a compressed air accumulator, which allows the air to be controlled and fired at high pressure by triple nozzles into the ground.

Reciprocating Compressor of the Newest Generation

The quiet and maintenance-friendly piston compressor with 0.40 Gallons / min. at 3 to 9 bar pressure fills two intermediate storage tanks, which provide the 14 compressed air accumulators of the injection lances with the necessary volume. This guarantees optimal and permanently high working and operating pressure right down to the injection lances.

Control precision thanks to SPS industrial computer

The complete machine control software is controlled by a 32-bit PLC industrial computer. The machine control and monitoring is done via a simple and easy operating module in the cab.

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As part of our mission to find and make available the the latest equipment technology to the North American Turf Professional we have partnered with airter® and the novoter company. STEC EQUIPMENT is proud to be the North American distributor of this innovative piece of turf equipment.