Golf Course Equipment

Material Handling

Speed, efficiency and accuracy are what is needed in a topdresser and understanding specific needs is important in choosing a machine. With the variety of topdressers on the market it is important to select the appropriate machine for your job in order to save time and labor. Superior turf is a result of proper planning and management and careful consideration is needed when choosing the topdresser for your unique situation.



Underneath it all, proper drainage is the most productive investment in the long term health and playability of recreational surfaces. Good, proper drainage promotes deeper root growth and stabilizes the playing surface and lessens the tearing of the turf. 

Specialized Turf Equipment


Preventative maintenance is an integral part of successful golf course management. Proper drainage on a golf course ensures maximum usage of the course while maintaining healthy grass. Aeration relieves soil compaction, it provides a method to improve the soil mixture around the highest part of a green’s roots and it reduces the accumulation of excess thatch.Redexim “Turf Stripper”

Laser Graders

Golf course superintendents can significantly reduce the time required for tee reconstruction by abandoning old technology for new technology. A skilled laser operator can level an average size tee in 45-75 minutes. The degree of accuracy achieved with a laser-guided box blade is equal or superior to any other method.

Vacuum Sweepers


Thorough removal of waste, mowed grass and leaves, is frequently a labor intensive and time consuming task. Our lineup of debris management products lead the field in efficiency, quiet operation and versatility. A relatively small tractor can be used with these machines to provide a handy, compact, and more efficient working combination.

Verticutters & Seeders


Verticutting is an energy boost, setting the stage for green-up in spring and preparing turf for overseeding in fall. When a verticutter passes over a section of turf, results are visible. The machine turns up thatch and opens the turf canopy so it can drink up nutrients and water, and clear out room for fresh growth.



A debris blower is great for clearing grass clippings, leaves, chaff and other debris from fairways, clubhouse grounds, fence lines, cart paths and other paved areas. It’s also good for cleaning up aeration cores, divots and bunker sand. But there are many other possibilities too — such as drying wet greens or cooling greens during summer heat.

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