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[Golf Courses]

Golf courses are known for some of the most beautiful and lush landscapes in the world. Our machines can help achieve and maintain those lush landscapes and ensure the safety and accessibility of the grounds for everyone.

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[Sports Fields & Grounds]

The dynamics of creating and maintaining sports facilities and landscapes are ever changing. For local, regional and even national fields and grounds across the country, we have the equipment to make it easy to maintain the surrounding plant environment.

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[Synthetic Turf]

The new generation of synthetic turf combines the playing characteristics with the look and feel of natural turf. Our equipment ensures an easy way to keep up with proper maintenance including sweeping, cleaning and even redistribution of infill material.

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[Turf Producers]

Interest in sod production has risen because of increased demand for an instant turf by many builders and contractors. Our equipment will help your turf be strong and steady alongside the growing market of new turf varieties as well as tried and true favorites.

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[Landscape Contractors]

The satisfaction of creating beauty with the landscape is one of the most rewarding and instantly gratifying. Our equipment will help you maintain and keep those landscapes looking fresh and new all year round.

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STEC Equipment is your choice for Outdoor Power Equipment. We specialize in Tractor sales and servicing.
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