Trenching Equipment



The latest in mini skid steer trenching, the HDT Trencher is a hydraulic run disc-type trencher, designed for the installation of sprinkler systems, underground electric fences and general cable laying.

TCT Fairway

The TCT Fairway trencher has been designed specifically for the sports and turf industries and drainage. It is a chain trencher that provides a complete soil clear up system and a clean tidy trench. 

TWT 400


Built with the turf industry in mind to provide fast, reliable, clean and efficient trenches, the TDT 400 is used primarily for installing secondary drainage and irrigation on sports fields, smaller land drainage pipes and underground cables on construction sites.

TWT 550

With a unique double conveyor system and the ability to be laser controlled, TWT 550 wheel trencher is the ultimate sports turf drainage machine. It has the ability to cut a narrower cleaner trench faster & more efficiently than a conventional chain trencher.