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Happy Father’s Day from the STEC Equipment Family! https://t.co/9CXYgdCV3m

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Little bit of Friday swap shop with @MarkBalmer1 and @ian_whitehead8 top dressing to spraying in roughly 28 seconds… https://t.co/BHiiSMmmBE

Major progress is being made on the @bengals practice fields up in Cincinnati! The #RS3Turf team is hard at work laying the sod. Stay tuned for more updates about this project! https://t.co/XJVvLghblK

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Weekend Re-cap. We showed you the: DT710 Dump Trailer , @Gkbmachines Sand Spreader , airter light 14160 , GKB machines Stoneburier , @trenchitnz Trenchers. Visit us at https://t.co/32vanh2j6K for more information.

@cliffwstewart @life_turf @eagtig @jimmywalker4x https://t.co/AX0J9zsIMA